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How to Create Next-Gen Video Conferencing with AI?

In this article, we will be looking into how to create next-generation video conferencing, with the help of powerful artificial intelligence. Mr. Ash Mufareh has been a big proponent of AI technology in the past, and he has developed the next big thing in the field of video conferencing.

There are newer technological advances that are coming out every single day, and it can lead to a new generation of video conferencing solutions. There are numerous benefits that have capabilities unlike anything seen before.

What role does AI technology play?

Artificial Intelligence has played a crucial role in fields such as data analytics, facial recognition, and even occupancy sensing. It has made working far better and much easier to operate than ever before in history.

AI technology has, in particular, influenced the field of video conferencing with state-of-the-art cameras. These cameras are more significant than ever, and it has features such as high-quality audio and artificial intelligence.

It has become possible to provide easy metrics and enable the automation of lighting, in performing a host of other functions. Making smarter investments in technology can help in delivering higher compounding returns on the initial investment.

What role does data play in creating video conferencing?

Ash Mufareh has created a product that is unlike anything that is seen before, with multi-camera arrays and advanced video stitching software. Collaboration solutions have helped to enable companies to continue improving productivity and solutions.

Data analytics is excellent as it can be used to automate workflows from room reservation and release as well. Video conferencing technology has become incredibly valuable and useful than a simple communications platform.

The conflux of Artificial intelligence, with the help of next-generation video conferencing equipment, has a wide range of benefits. This can have a significant impact, which can directly affect employee productivity. You can also include real estate utilization and the company’s profitability as well.

There is a vast amount of information that is gathered for a particular duration of time and companies. You can create a lake of data which can help to analyze for future floor plans and schedule.

Understanding the vast advantage AI plays in the next generation of video conferencing, especially as the demand for video conferences is on the constant uprise.


Ash Mufareh’s one-of-a-kind product has created the world’s first AI-enabled intelligent video conferencing tool. This is such a powerful tool that can encourage and enable better collaboration between multiple locations or departments.

There has been a vast data lake that has increased productivity drastically in the workplace. Regardless of whether your company is a small-sized or medium-sized enterprise, this can be an excellent tool in your arsenal.

We hope you found this article informative in understanding the crucial role AI plays in the next-generation of video conferencing. Video conferencing is an absolute essential in the modern-day business and by utilizing the most advanced form of technology that exists. Thanks for reading, and good luck!